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Time to talk about fish...

Flowerhorns / Lo-han
Have had these for just over a year i think, they started breeding about six months back and they haven't been the best parents, eating the eggs and babies occassionally, and they fight all the time and have to be seperated. He's about 20-25 cms long. She's about half his size and irritates him so he beats the crap out of her. Then she irritates him again. I don't get it. She stopped growing a while back and i actually think she shrank a bit, but i can't really prove it.

So that's the parents.

One of the first clutches they had have grown and we are getting to the point of trying to sell them. They are greedy and fight amongst themselves and really are the most mindless and savage bastards, this lot are about four months old (getting towards 10 cms) - something like that. Starting to get their adult colours. We also have some which have turned white. It could be their adult colours coming very early, or it could be something odd about their bloodline. Who knows.

There was a clutch about a month ago, they are still pretty much a pair of floating eyes and only about two score hatched. The parents bred again last week, and i didn't think much of it, because they've laid a lot of eggs before and not much has come of it.

They hatched a few days ago, and the female shuffled them under the pot like she usually does so i had no idea how many there were.

HOLY SHIT! was pretty much what i said today when i had a good look at them

That entire grey mass that you can see under the rock is made up of hatchlings.

Cheng (our new fish-geek) reckons there is about 400 of them...

so does anyone want any...
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