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i hate computers.... but i love the internet. strange, no?

have just spent the last 6 hours scanning my stupid computer. It took that long because i have ridiculously large hard drives.

While my trusty copy of NAV kept finding little TFTP files and telling me that it was going to quarantine them, as it does three or four times a day, for the last few weeks, it actually found nothing after four hours of scanning. i went to edit the registry like the symantec website said, but i couldn't find anything that fit with their categories.

Hopefully the files that i did remove weren't actually important, otherwise this is going to be really annoying. REALLY.

and how did i get the Spybot and randex virii? Kazaa, apparently.

And that is the story of my terribly exciting friday night. Which brings me to another point, i haven't been on a ridiculous date for a very long time. Possibly bcause i've been avoiding little Kiska. Come to think of it i haven't been caught up in any Excitement! Adventure! ™ for quite a while (except for that editing business, but that hardly counts, that was standard operating procedure). Nor have i been on a proper date.

I wonder if i can get a fix for all that from the Symantec website.
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