Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

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another day done.

I woke sometime around 1500, figured that i had wasted the day anyways, so went back to the sleep. I heard MASH on the teev and figured it was about seven so i should get up. i did think about just sleeping through, but i don't think i've ever gone 24 hours of sleep.

My phone was myteriously silent, and i haven't dared check my mail. Nor read LJ. Will spend tomorrow catching up, and then go to pub for Miss Penny's farewell. then out drinking at a charity thing that night. More Drinkies Saturday. And computer network stuff with 40hex on Sunday. If we can be bothered.

Exciting stuff, no?

so an exciting day.
i'm actually going to play this one. so if you owe me clicks, then you should click (looking at you takhisis and devilain)
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