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because i can

fish pictures because i know straightpride, purfektlyflawd and a few others liked them.

Why i got bit.

The flowerhorns fight a lot, like an old married couple, and normally we keep them separated, but they were doing the "Montague and Capulet/whip'ring through the wall" thing again, so we felt sorry for them. They spent the day fighting and splashing about, and it got too much for me, so i tried to get them to stop. He ignored me, so i poked him, and then he bit me. A few times.

The red flowerhorn

This is their cousin. I think he can't see very well. I haven't yet ruled out stupidity though. I'm not sure if he has settled on his adult colours or not yet, because he still looks like the gold ones used to when they were younger.

Don't buy Salmon Cats

Someone actually bought this monster - and his mate, both about a foot long. I had to sell them because i tried given them to Hawk and anyone else i could think of, and they either wouldn't take them, or they ended up coming back somehow. They were cute when they were little, but i didn't realise they were so committed to swallowing everything that fit. Watching them swallowed a frozen cube of bloodworms and then get "ice cream" headaches was pretty amusing though.

These buggers are just cute. The Julidochromis Transcriptus "gombe", are the little stripey ones, and the bigger regular fish shaped ones are the babies of the gold flowerhorns (Bitey and his girly - see above). They get their colours when they grow bigger.

the Albino Convicts

There are so many of these little fuckers. The parents are super aggressive and will charge you if you come near the tank. no one will buy the babies, and i am thinking of doing what most people are using them for - feeders for larger fish. Have fed a few to the Oscar, and the Red Flowerhorn (above), and i really don't know what to do with them. They can be cute though and the crackling sound when they feed at the surface is a riot. You can see the mother giving me the evil eye in the last photo.

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