Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

i am sick. i have the flu. hooray.

so i figured that i might as well make some use of my time, and decided to finally go through with the Great Fishtank Reorganisation.

Basically, i've been planning to sort out all these fishtanks and set things up to breed certain fish which i can then sell. Some of these fish are stupidly expensive so i want to flood the market and force the prices lower.

So the old man and i broke down two smaller tanks and replaced them with another larger one, shuffled fish all over the bloody place, and spent the eight hours up to my armpits in water. As the sun went down it got progressively colder and colder, and the water temp dropped in the holding bays and we waited and waited for the heaters to kick in and raise the tap water with was about sixteen degrees, up to a safer twenty-two.

Sorted the bristlenose out into a few breeding sets and still have them to do tomorrow.

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