Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

i actually did something today.

i had to fiddle around with a web page, and servers i haven't touched for a long time, and blah blah blah. But to have actually done something, achieved something, as small as it was, but to have FINISHED something, has me strangely motivated to take off at a hundred miles an hour again.

Now introducing the combatants this evening...

In the red corner:
"i am very tired, you have no idea how tired i am. No, really, i want to sleep. Lots. I'm just starting to recover my energy and really shouldn't wear myself out again, on all sorts of strange and ridiculous and ultimately pointless adventuring... oh bugger.. fucking adventure... sigh"

and in the blue corner.
"gogogogogogogo! get this webpage done, and shootout is coming up, register early we might win the camera equipment, and dig up a script or a script writer, Greg that you met today, maybe he can be useful, go deliver those thank you notes, and get them out of the way, re-edit all those films with the new logo in them, tidy them up, make up some VCDs and send them out, somewhere, and take steps to get those self-service machine going at work, and get writing dammit, don't waste those neat little ideas, start stringing them together, the get the cricketers in order, look for volunteers now, get those projects running so that we are ready for the season.... someone please stop me..."
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