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I got to sleep in!!!!!
Sleep IN!!!

not the usual sunday sleep all day or get up when i'm bored, but i had somethign to do, that i had to get to - work - and i got to sleep in.

inexplicably i woke at 0900 and just went back to sleep for a couple of hours and then dozed away until 1230 or so. Sleeping in! Wheeee!

Bruised up the fleshy part of my right hand/thumb yesterday and couldn't do much with my hand as a consequence.

Have a crick in my neck, which is a wee bit irritating.

Aunty from Singapore is in town, and wants to go eat. As typical of my family she's quite odd. Wants to go to the RSL for the Roast dinners, because pork is still very expensive after they had to destroy pretty much all of them in Singapore and Malaysia. Her grandkids love pizza so she has learnt to like it, so we're going for pizza tonight. Had meat pies this morning, because she doesn't get much of those over there either.

I mean, I find this all a little weird. That you'd come overseas for club food, take away and meat pies. Maybe it's just me.
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