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and i think to myself, what a wonderful world....

"I think when you're looking for opportunities to stand out, the idea of someone who has got a T-shirt that's a monitor playing movie trailers is really cool," said Jeffrey Godsick, executive vp marketing at 20th Century Fox. "We were presented the technology a few weeks ago and instantly thought it would be great for a movie promotion opportunity. ... People at E3 stopped to watch the trailers because it's just so unique. It's really a great kind of (marketing) clutter buster."

The T-shirts -- embedded with 11-inch monitors and four stereo speakers and can play any type of media -- are part of a marketing service provided by Brand Marketers, which hires so-called "brand ambassadors" to wear them to designated events. The company does not sell the T-shirts separately.

I think they are a great idea, and they can be worn by hookers, with video footage advertising their value-for-money there's my millions made. I will see you in the bahamas...

"I ordered it on the internet, i thought that was ok..."

UN votes to criticise Israel
07:55 (AEST) THE United Nations Security Council today adopted a resolution criticising Israel's killings and house demolitions in Gaza, passed 14-0-1 after the United States abstained instead of vetoing the measure.

Well that was kind of them, to allow democracy to take place.

"As the situation remained unsettled in Zimbabwe, Sri Lankan cricket officials yesterday called on Prime Minister John Howard to apologise for calling Muttiah Muralitharan a chucker. The spinner has threatened to boycott the two Tests against Australia in July as a result of Howard's call.

Well there's fat fucking chance of that happening. He doesn't apologise to black people.

and this is the one i have been looking for... :)

A TEENAGER yesterday found himself before the state's chief judge for masturbating alone in the privacy of his own home.

His decision to clean himself up with his flatmate's pillow landed him before the District Court in Brisbane.
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