Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
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sucks to be me

she had the prettiest eyes.

came out of nowhere. Looked a little sad, so i talked to her for a while. She sent a message to her missing friends. "He's really sweet. Trust -" i didn't see the rest.

My friends came back, Hammy, Miss Penny and the Sadist, then Anneka left for the bathroom, telling me to "wait here".

My friends left and i waited.

I did a sweep of the bar an hour later, and could not find her. So i left.

I know a little about her, and i WILL find her. Fuck this, it's time to prove why i call myself the worlds second greatest detective. (after Batman, of course.)

Which reminds me.

Dear World,

There's only so much shit i am going to take from you, you know.

Fuck you.

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