Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

sure, death, destruction and lament are still on my mind.

but that doesn't stop me from instinctively doing things that draw attention to me.

helping some girl get her baby and pram on the bus - before i know it i've said "would you like some help?".

The baby stares at me lots. I hate babies. They smell and they're sticky, and they create a sticky field around them, but the mother flashes me a smile and thanks me.

I slink unsuccessfully - i don't slink very well for a start, i'm not built for it, and i've ust carried a pram onto a bus, so i can guarantee that everyone is looking at me - to the back of the bus and try to do my obfuscation trick. Which doesn't work.

i hate being me.
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