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This book is utterly fascinating.

Written by Douglas Rushkoff in 1994. It's covering something defined as 'cyberia' a place, not physical, where the people discussed place their existence. Psychaedelic drugs, ambient, house, trance, industrial and similar forms of music, "smart" drugs, raves, virtual realities, LSD, neo-paganism, shamanic rediscovery, all bonding thru the pre-internet. Themselves at this point a complete subculture as it's all pre windows95 which was the first step in demystifying and mainstreaming the internet, making it accessible to all, but at the sametime changing it from the geek and enthusiast driven to something subject to market forces and also politically and morally accountable for the first time in it's short life.

Fascinating stuff. Many of the subjects are headcases, and completely off with the fairies, but some seem like they are really onto something (and not just on something).

But then you all think i'm a heretic anyway.
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