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answers for notcharming

1. other than cricket what sports do you play?
er. none. i play cricket year-round, since we found a winter cricket comp. I'm quite happy to watch a few, and would play rugby if i was fitter, and felt like getting stuck in the front of the scrum again. But i can do without the beatings :) Does pool count? I'd like to go back to badminton, which i played at school, but find myself typically time-short.

2. when was the last time you went on an easter egg hunt?

Good god, i have no idea. I have little to do with children (i have none that i know of, and don't see the nephew or others, and my friends with kids spare me from it mostly), so it would have been a long while. i have a suspicion that i've never been on one, mine was not really a chocolate / soft drink / snack household, so i don't think we had much of an easter. In the last dozen years or so i have been involved with roleplaying conventions at easter, either playing or running so would not have had time. I do remember my folks used to hide Christmas presents all over the house so i had to hunt for them :)

3. does your family know about your journal? does it/would it bother you?
No. Very few people in my life know about my journal, and i kind of want to keep it that way. I am prone to succumbing to a borderline personality, where i tend to see things in black and white and view things as confrontational, which isn't really good for me. That said, if it does get put up in lights, i guess i'll just have to deal with it. i have locked very little of it, and it's not hard to figure me out from what i write. There are a few people who know about it that i see a lot, i work with thestove, i play cricket and drink with 40hex and 5tephe is one of my oldest and most loyal co-conspirators, i used to roleplay with fayr and pollyanna_n. I know a lot of people that have journals, but i have not discussed mine with them. Some of them are not people i have much time for. In fact, a screaming fit i had on LJ a couple of months ago was as a consequence of seeing exactly how close we were - having similar ljfriends for example.

4. what brought you to LiveJournal? Why do you stay?

i knew fayr and pollyanna_n. i think pollyanna gave me the code to get started. Both had journals that i read infrequently. i had just restarted a paperjournal, because i needed to vent, and i had already had people reading a rant-of-the-week page of mine so i thought i'd just same myself the effort and see if what i wrote might help someone sometime if they read it. I know i am a decent writer if i get into the swing of it, and that i overanalyse where many do not analyse at all, if my neuroses and failings could help someone, then it was worth it.
I stay because of the people here on my friends list. I have developed an extremely soft spot for some of them (some spots softer than others). I need an outlet to write. Something to keep me writing everyday, keep good habits up and things like that. It has meant that i have been more productive - i barely wrote a useful word between late 1995 and 2000, and for a supposed writer, that's just burnt and wasted time, tragic. This has let me change it, and find some truly amazing people.

5. we go to a Westfield mall... what shop do you steer me towards to buy you something? and which do you avoid at all cost?

I might give you a shove in the direction of the CD/DVD/Book store, but i cannot go in because i can not control myself. No control whatsoever. Seriously. I can't even dare look.

i'd play safe and go to the pet shop and look at fish for a while, there's almost nothing i want and nothing i really have space for so i may avoid having you spend money on me. Which would be part of it, i get very self conscious when people do nice things for me.

I don't think there's anything i would avoid at all cost, simply because if someone has decided to buy me something, whatever it is, it will be appreciated and i will make use of it somehow - that's my part of the gift-buying challenge.

buying me clothes would probably be pointless, because i seem to mysteriously get fatter and then lose weight for no reason. Unless doing nothing, drinking beer, eating pizza and smoking copiously is supposed to make you thinner...

oh and it's the usual rules. whatever they are.
ask for questions, put them in your journal, ask other people questions doo dah doo dah... one big questioning pyramid scheme...
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