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I got to watch "The Secret Life of Us" tonight.

Fourth season, first episode. I am waiting for season three on DVD. I am not holding my breath.

But tonight was pub night, and channel ten decided to move it from it's Monday night slot. I live fifteen minutes walk from the pub. Bill, ten minutes. Cam, less than five. So i borrowed Cam's keys.

Got there right with enough time to figure out the locks, lights and electrical devices. I nipped outside for my traditional "Secret Life" spliff, and the ad break was not as long as i thought it would be, so i had to suck it down fast. Which was not my original plan. Not a whole one. Not a good idea.

However the show was great. I was horrified at the body count. Sweeping changes. Two whole strings of characters gone. There's not a lot left of the original stories. New characters are complex and interesting to see how the old characters band together when put in an adversarial position against the newbies.

I could almost squeeeeee

I went back to the pub after the show, rather wobbly, and had a few more beers. Funny people. I noticed little digs at each other that i may not normally see, or maybe aren't meant and only i interpret them that way. They are very sharp though. and that could just be my brain.

I am feeling much more alive, these days. I am more comfortable being what i am and accepting that. I believe these things about myself, these things that people are constantly telling me, and that i believe is the most important thing. whether i's accurate or not. This actual application of belief from many say the ultimate heretic, is facsinating.

Thanks to those who gave it to me.
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