October 21st, 2011


have been lazy

mainly because i did not have anything interesting to write.

Govt Reopens Breaker Morant case
The Breaker Morant story from wiki
I have to wonder why. It's been over a hundred years, we all know the story, especially after the Edward Woodward film and the classic line "Shoot straight, you bastards." I understand wanting to clear great grand-dads name, but can't we just leave them as yet another example of Australians being hard done by Old Britain and let him remain as outlaw folk hero?

Victorian police love a stomp!
There are similar protests in Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Canberra, yet it is only in Victoria that there were "violent clashes with police". Why? Because the Vic Cops were the first state police to get a tank, and they LOVE a friday afternoon stomp.

I went out Saturday, sore from cricket (i am working on improving my fitness, after my enforced lay off) and was supposed to go out to a trance party - not really my thing but something different to get out and get back into being human here again. The two bouncers would not let me in and asked for ID. I laughed at them, because i knew they just weren't going to let me in, and because i don't carry ID. Really. I fled from dinosaurs as a child and i am a current NSW RSA (Resp. Service of Alc.) holder. Fuck 'em. Anyway, i called evilmegsy told her they wouldn't let me in, she said she'd fix it, i told her not to bother and enjoy the party, and went adventuring instead. It is my town after all. I decided to wander down to the quay and the bridge and opera house, so sauntered down George St.

Outside the Woolies across from Town Hall, i saw amongst the buskers, the ebb and flow of people, and lots of foreigners, one tear streaked girl wandering miserably in small circles. I turned back and waited for the light to change so i could get on my way. Seconds later i heard a thud of a body meeting a car and looked up. Now i am sure the car was already there. I was waiting for the light to change. Anyway, it appears this girl went frolicking into the street crashed into the cab and fell off the hood to the ground. Nobody moved.

She had her eyes squeezed shut by the time i got there. Squeezed shut and not closed from being unconscious. I didn't think she'd hit either the ground or the car that hard. In the middle of the street a crowd was beginning to form around us. It had not even taken ten minutes before adventure found me. See? It is my town. I helped the girl up off the street and onto the footpath, with, it turned out, three Belgians and five Frenchies who were semi celebrating Frances world cup win over Wales. The Belgians were much nicer than the frogs, and the belgian girl started talking to the crying girl.

She was crying because she'd lost her boyfriend, didn't have a phone and needed a cigarette. A cigarette yanked from the mouth of one of the belgian boys later, the girl whined out a number and the Belgian girls dialled. The phone was answered, there was a short conversation and a couple of minutes later a boy with a bag, and a bag of McDonalds came thundering down the street to get her. few thank yous and they hopped into a cab and disappeared. I said good bye to the belgians and went on.

All the way down George St, past the trendy bars, and the pretty people, and the wankers bankers and white collar money guys, to the Rocks. I couldn't decide whether to go under the Bridge or to the Opera house. I decided a drink while i waited. Went to the Fortune of War, est 1828 (i think) and had a whiskey. Place was busy and balcony like i had hoped. Time to move on. Walked over to the newly developed Bangaroo (sp?) area which was dead, but i went past the passenger terminal for the big boats and saw some of the trendy restaurants beneath it, most of which had bars. Certainly might be worth a look later.

Got bored with that and headed over to the Opera house bar which is mostly outdoor, right near the water and with the Opera House itself looking over your shoulder as you look across the water to the Bridge. Had a Tanqueray 10, which is proving hard to find but i will take when i can get. Enjoyed the place, the atmosphere, and the visage of a city i know, and seeing familiar stars above.

Trained with the Reg Bartley XI at the SCG nets last night. A little less sore after every day and training session. Getting better all the time.