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...arbitrarily decided values of pain per second...

- so my jacket fairly reeks of weed at times and i walk past the cops house up the road, that dog knows what he smells.
"Fuck you Fido, they're not listening now, you fool. Haven't you been taken for a ride? I bet you think they actually like you, you mindless savage -

... psychological and perhaps even hypnotic effects of marching, and figuring out the fucking key to get everyone else? Get in their heads, something as simple as an alteration to the cadence of the step.

- things to do, to do, must get organised, but can procrastinate ordering things before actually doing them -

... this steak really isn't doing anything for me, but spaghetti on toast, alright!...

... but it was always his show, it's just because we all agreed that Mr T sucked, the rest of the planet didn't...

... those fucking breakfasts, fantastic, if you have the time to get one. I mean getting the time to get up and make one is frankly ridiculous. Leave it to the professionals i say...

...mushrooms. that's why you giggle for the first half hour. "This came from a cows ass, dude. Heaven in is a cows ass. Hee!"...

- the science show would like to step in here and start to run a short information piece that demonstrates that there is appropriate nutrition, to be found in certain cows faeces, but he really doesn't know enough about science for this to be even half believable -

-and the butcher was great when i was a kid. When he gave it up, his apprentice took over, but that was a couple of years back, dunno what it's like now...

who knows this much about their butcher in a shopping mall? ...

i thought it was the French Connection, but i just wasn't sure. i had a vague idea it was on soon, i saw the advertising, but didn't know it was now. is that Roy Schieder? I mean, Jaws, i mean Seaquest.

Star Trek


Enya film clip

Classical painters. I know almost nothing.

Bipolar again. Borderline, whatever. Easy to anger.

"How is your leg?"

How is my leg? I mean it's still fucking swollen, and i don't remember there being a vein there but...

...doctors probably thought, "look at this scruffy bastard, bet he wants time off". "Give him three weeks and see how he copes..."


...I am Scruffy, i suppose. A bit dishevelled...

...Fashion. Why do i have an opinion on proprietry? I mean i always have, but what on earth for...

This French Connection soundtrack is fucking awesome, i mean, it's fantastic but scaring me at the same time. Gene Hackman with hair Hee!
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