March 19th, 2006


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i really really want to get through all the reading i have missed in the last few days, but i don't think i can. i want to write about the last few days, but i hurt all over and don't think i can. i have a whole lot of photos to get and email about but the big tall goof has my card reader and i don't have the energy to set the camera cradle up.

i slept on and off through the day
woke up a lot
listened to the rain
wondered if i could make an ark or at least a raft out of Dell parts downstairs
remembered i didn't need to save anyone but me
went back to sleep figuring i had a few more hours before flood waters reached the top floor
checked that there were four plastic drawers in the set in the room one for each corner of the door-raft
listened to the Hawkins clan downstairs cleaning up

qu_ball has left for work and Tommy has gone to have a shower after a strenuous day watching West Wing.

I think i am going to go back to bed. There's nothing to drink apart from Dr Pepper, because that's all Tommy will buy, he will drink anything in the fridge, i have tried a multitude of different things - all sorts of sodas, green tea - it doesn't matter, but he only ever replaces it with Dr Pepper. I fucking hate Dr Pepper.

I work like a bastard all week for almost nothing. Makes me wonder why i bother. I've been offered the money required to take over the computer business, and found the staff i need, but i wonder why the fuck i would want to. I just want to go home.

i have nothing to eat, nothing to drink and no way of fighting through the floods to rectify this. I am going back to bed.
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