February 10th, 2004


Vanila Sky

I have just seen this film and am furious that they failed to market it properly, and furious that the Tom & Penelope thing overshadowed what is a frankly brilliant film. The cast are excellent, the script is sharp (that you Cameron Crowe) and the story itself fascinating.

I am SO angry that Hollywood finally did something good and i missed it.



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    Steve Poltz - Everything about you


My boss is being weak. He is leaving soon to take a junior position within the group, eh is currently trying to make the junior positions as soft as possible. I HATE my work mate because he's a fuckwit. He's condescending, he's lazy, he's rude, he's incredibly annoying and not funny although he thinks he is.


I am thinking about drinking Coffee again.

At least when i drink coffee i snap and then cool off rather than have this slow simmering hate building up.

This has stopped me from writing. And i have thing to write to people, and i can't. Which sucks.