September 24th, 2003


Australia - World's gayest

MORE than 17 per cent of Australians are involved in gay or lesbian relationships, putting the country equal first in the world for its proportion of homosexuals, according to a new worldwide survey.

oh hip-hip-hooray...

now we're going to be a year round gay holiday destination, as opposed to just at Mardi gras time. And Sleaze Ball time. And summer for the gay Japanese surfer boys. and... oh well, maybe they'll bring some straight friends...
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So another pair of friends is getting married. They've been together for few years now, and have a rapidly growing bub.

Spring time...
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I get to leave work now and the sun is still in the sky... it's not quite summer yet, and we've not got daylight savings time in force yet, but it's heartening to see the sun.

to the pub!
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