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my shoulder is not 100%, i can feel it.

I went down on it fielding a ball, jamming my elbow into the turf and shoving my arm pretty much into the socket as hard as possible.

I was down. For a moment i felt that burning feeling i had in my leg with the pinched nerve. I've never felt physical pain of any real sort until these last three months. Not good. I guess i don't bounce or heal quite like i did. Maybe. We'll see.

had a good night last night, big post-cricket turn up at the pub. i looked around and i realised that everything that i had worked for, every word of opposition, every fight, and all the broken eggs had had to have been worth it, because what existed was good. The finances in place, all the logistical work was done. The players on the field, enjoying themselves win, lose or draw.

Things are good now. I've got a plan, something i don't usually have because i find them inflexible and restrictive, i usually just have ideas. I still have ideas, but they're not going to conflict, i hope. It's always a longshot, but the longshots are the most fun, trying to adapt and readjust them to the changing situation.

I have things to do already, and so many more things available to do if i wish.

The Musketeer is on cable, i haven't seen it before. I was told it was shit, and that the Hong Kong martial arts wire-work fighting was incongruous, but so far it's been fun. Having strong bad guys is always a help, and Tim Roth in costume waving a sword about is simply fabulous. Ros & Guil, Rob Roy, and now this. And Mena Suvari is always sex on many sticks, so it's certainly worth it.

So no dramas, no rants, i guess it's a bit boring. There's no interest in good news, and it doesn't sell newspapers. *shrug*
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