Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

Now the show is over...

and done. And done well on most counts.
and the cast party is done, and most were well done on all counts.

So will they speak to each other again? Will they remain friends. Did they become friends? Will it go back to a nod of recognition and then back to their regular corners of the pub? Or will the circle open to add one more?

The presents were a nice surprise. I had forgotten how actors take care of and support each other all tragic head cases together, safe.

I noticed how much Ingrid was like a younger version of my mother, seething with a sharp opinion, or a outlandish statement just waiting to pounce. How Giles is so similar to myself but relishes the arrogance instead of running away from it.

The cast gave all the crew presents of sorts, something funny and relevant to something they did. I got a pretty little dragon on a chest paperweight, which is really quite cute shoot me now. And we all got a quote on the card. Me, as voice of the dragon among other things.

"Beyond the light, the auditorium waited like the mouth of a very big and extremely hungry animal."
with love from
The Cast

I think i blushed. Sad innit?

Jeff and Giles got whisky tumblers for everyone, engraved on opposite sides, "Guards! Guards! 2003" and "Ankh-morporks Finest".

I wonder why they didn't give each other one? Could it have been something to do with Bill? Perhaps his late inclusion, via a nod from me, knowing he thought he was going to be overlooked, and me suspecting he might, or perhaps i am thinking too little of my fellow men. I think they're stand up sort of guys, and it would have been a genuine oversight if at all.

Jolly and Giles were a fine double act, with occasional tag-ins from Dan, and Greg with tears running down his face, were too much for me and i was laughing so hard, my pecs and neck muscles hurt (i blame the bloody Egyptian yes that joke will get funny someday), and then my leg.

Jolly delighted in catching me trying to press back my shoulders in pain, while trying not to laugh.

It was good. Nobody turned out like a knob or a snob like i suspected they might, and the worst i can really say about anyone, is that one is a bit duller than he seems.

I met a girl from the labs in the pub. She was the beer girl, the hot pants girl whatever you want to call it. She was kinda happy to see someone she kinda knew, but told me not to tell her friends or anything. Neuroscience. Sure. Perfect sense.

I was told by someone that she always falls in love every show, but that there's is nothing in it, it's a silly show crush. I think she was talking about me, but perhaps that's being egotistical.

I finished the monkey story, but haven't got a title, and have to type it up later.
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