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Where is my time

Once more i am spent. Finished editing Med Revue's crap at 0400.

My unfamiliar relationship has continued and i am comfortable within the rules of it, however i am not believed. It keeps coming up again and again that my Angel is worried about me.

She loves me because i am cool, and a good person and all that, but she's refusing to acknowledge the importance of big "L" love in one's life.

I know i am going to lose patience soon and say something that i might regret. Something like "fucksake let it go! Rather you who does care, and is good to me, and isn't just using me."

Anyway, as Rob Gordon says in High Fidelity "If really wanted to mess me up, Laura, you should have got to me earlier." This boat has loooooooong gone.
Tags: girls, love, quote
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