Smoke Damage (smokedamage) wrote,
Smoke Damage

The Pink Angel

11:56 pm pink angel
spent the evening flirting over icq with pink angel who i used to work with - claims she's "innocent" which is crap. calls herself alternately princess or angel, and seems to be obsessed with the colour pink

accused me of being sexually frustrated because my message window was purple (i never knew girls could be colour blind, i knew they carried the gene for it, but didn't think it could express)

she commented that the flirting was a pretty poor attempt at cyber. so i turned up the heat, and she said she blushed. she blushes at a lot of things.

So i asked her how far down her blush went. She got worse and wouldn't tell me, and as i continued to torment her, she flirted, got coy, and got angry in that order for about three cycles.

anyway as she left she bade me sweet dreams and i forbade her from dreaming about me. She said "ha you wish". i told her she would anyway.

this morning i get

"u kno wat, it was bizzare because u were actually in my dream last night..."

no bastard listens to me.
Tags: chat, girls
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