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so i went to this party with Hawkman and never got into the details only the highlights but one thing was a met a girl who i found out was interested in playing cricket.

unlike most people i am unable to met people and actually try to pick them up. Now, Pike insists that we all do it, and we're all complicit in playing this game, but i feel very awkward trying to do it. Either it's shyness, or self confidence issues (bear in mind at this last party i thought it was a good idea to continue to wear the Scots flag as a cape, since i'd being doing it at the football).

So this girl comes on board and played this last round. I like fucking around with authority and authority figures, not by direct resistance, but by active and eager support, by actively pushing their boundaries, not their rules. The cricket association my teams are in is run by dinosaurs. This year they bent under the weight of the 21st century and are finally doing stuff on the web. Amazing. But i digress.

So this girl has a remarkable set of skills. I've never seen anyone come to the club and immediately look like they know how to play cricket (it's a collection of little well taught things, that aren't natural and you can tell who has been taught well and who hasn't). She's been taught really well and that blew me away. I'll get to my point eventually.

She's cute, that's undeniable and most of the boys are falling over each other to get to know her. I'm a wee bit protective of her, because i know what a bunch of tarts they can be, and i feel responsible for her and her right to be left alone and a bit of fair and equitable treatment. Anyway, so we're all at the pub and i'm doing my usual social duties, saying hello to everyone, players and pub staff and the locals - neither of whom understand why we're such a cheery lot given that we lose so often. i mean, it's obvious. We're drunks.

So i check in with her every now and then, she's talking mainly with the guys she played the actual match with, which makes sense as she hasn't really met the other two teams, right? She's ok, she insists, which i wasn't really in doubt of, and she keeps trying to buy me a beer in response to my initial welcome to the club drinks for her and the new recruits. I arrange for the beer wench to make a fuss of our third ever centurion, but while she's sweet she's a bit dopey, and doesn't quite get it, but... shrug.

When we do chat, when i circulate back to that group, we get on well, and she asks about the club and whether we have social events and the conversation turns to thai food, and i tell her that there's a great thai place under the bridge on her side of the harbour. She knows it, grins and says "we should go there sometime."

I hear it, grunt "er aye" and move on.

See the complication as i see it is that in the unlikely event anything happens and then it ends as it always does, i cost the club a player, and more importantly, the bottom line is that it looks like i was trying to pick her up and i just have a really odd way of doing it. Add to that that if she ends up with another of my mates afterwards, i'll just get all cranky again. Six old flames with my friends is MORE than enough thank you. I mean it's become a party joke, "yeah, be friends with Al, sooner or later you'll get a girl because of it". I really want to stave in my skull with a brick sometimes.

Which reminds me, there's this guy lives around here somewhere who takes his dog for a walk, and unlike most dogs who go for walkies to the park with a stick or a ball in their mouth, this one carries a fucking brick. I don't know if it plays fetch with it or not, but that dog has to have the strongest neck of any dog on the planet. Back to my neuroses...

Of course, i could just be making something out of nothing again, but... aw fuck it.
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