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drunk and drunkeness

last nght was the much heralded drinking / pool competition between myself and astumbleinghobo who never posts.

the winner was supposed to go to the world cup rugby match with Will, the self-confessed sadist, so astumbleinghobo suggested playing pool for it, and a suggested a drinking competition, Will being the prick that he is, took the two ideas and ran with them. Hence at 2100 hours, after post-cricket drinks he brings out the following (vile?) concotions.

Long island iced tea. (good) (paid for by Will)
Green chartreuse (vile) (paid by cam)
A bottle of cheap champagne (from penny)
"cement Mixers" (shot of Baileys, shot of lime juice, we had to swish them around in our mouths for 30 seconds...)
Bloody Mary (good stuff - from Will)
and finally a glass of red each.

i get the message this morning that Dave is a ruined man. I'm just sore from cricket and a bit dehydrated.

i still lost the pool games. Narrowly. But still lost.

Luckily, astumbleinghobo insisted on taking a coin toss earlier in the week, which i won.
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