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day off and dramas

so there's some sort of industrial action going on at work and the high ups want to know what we are going to do. Of course this all crops up when my boss and i take days off, and the poor casual i left in charge had to deal with it all. He's done so admirably. Rishi's a good man.

Cricket's up the spout, with everyone fucking off for the long weekend, or going to LIVID music festival, or the roleplaying convention. Which of course, my best friend's engagement picnic is right next to LIVID, so there'll be no parking for that or cricket. He never thinks.

My day off consisted of clambering out of bed, dealing with some email and then going for a trek to the ends of sydney looking for aquariums. $120 later and i have more fish. heh.

I must say that spam emails have been getting much more interesting lately, and this i believe is a good thing. Let me share with you a piece of spam i just recieved...

"Jenn (and family), It's been 2 weeks since you left me and I finally found
a way to get my revenge. I have decided to sell our home photos to a
website specializing in huge cocks (like mine). You said the size of my
penis was the only thing I had going for me so I figured I might make a few
bucks off it. I sold them the pictures on Friday and by Monday they had
gotten back to me saying they have put the pictures up. See for yourself.
here is the free login & pass Now the whole world, including your asshole
family that never treated me with any respect, can see you taking my cock
in your cunt, ass and mouth. Maybe your father would like to see his
daughter gagging when I cum in your mouth. I bet they would also like to
see you play with that huge dildo that so often found its way in your pussy
while I ripped your asshole wide. All they have to do is go here... here is
the free login & pass The whole site is full of whores like yourself
getting fucked by guys with huge cocks. I've offered them the Valentine Day
video for the right price. I'm sure everyone would love to hear you beg for
it. Or better yet, hear you scream in pain when you get it up your shitter.
That always gave me a little bit of satisfaction.

Hope You Die Hoe, -Jay"

At least it's creative :)

Off to see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...
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