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i need that like i need a hole in the head...

So i'm trying to be helpful and offer to help out this girl who is trying to configure her laptop to talk to the wireless network.

Of course, when she finally brings in the laptop, it's in bloody Mandarin.

I stare at it helplessly.

Now i've done complicated setups and troubleshooting on foreign language computers before - Hebrew, which was funny because the start menu was on the other side, i've done mail recoveries for a pommie girl on a french keyboard, with a german operating system that she bought in switzerland, i've even done chinese setups before.

What really fucked me this time was that it was WinXP. Win98 & Win2K i can do because i know what the pictures look like, even if i can't quite figure out exactly what it's saying, but WinXP in Mandarin. Nope. Can't do that one...
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