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The point?

Sigh. the point is... this girl has me spooked. Immediately, i'm expecting my failure because surely she's got to be too smart to hang out with me...

How can i expect anyone to give me an even break, if i won't extend myself that charity.

I was thinking before that it's kind of funny, because i'm typically very good at reading people and figuring out what they want, but maybe that's because i'm not being completely honest with them, and have my guard up because i may need to manipulate them, and yet when i'm dealing with someone i like, i take all my guards down because i don't want tp manipulate them, and thus i lose the ability to get a clue :)

Jon from SClub7 is so gay...

yes i'm watching crappy film clips...

it's not my fault, it's on random play... i'm only into SClub for Tina and Hannah anyway... not that anyone needed to hear that...

ah now, Robert Randolph and the Family Band is much more respectable.... aaaahhhh
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