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Won even grade grand final - Cat and BS opened the batting and both retired, chasing 190 after opposition failed to leave their special permit player off after retiring at 40. For the second time against us the he scored 90+

Odd grade semi today. I actually did stuff!

(Sent to Alks as msg)
Took two catches behind the stumps, and threw down middle after chasing a leg side wide to stump their "wall".
Batted at eight, chasing 150+
Swished dashingly outside off stump without making contact for about 15 deliveries, sending the Apaches into a bit of a panic, prompting John Wright at square leg to suggest it was time to "hit out or get out" to bring Cat back in.
Then I wound up their shires bowler over his next three overs, who by then thought I was a dead set chump, and couldn't believe he couldn't castle me.
Tried bouncing me.
Predictable result.
Swish. Smile.
"Come-on-then" head nod.
He got a warning from the umpire about the next bouncer. "One per batsman, per over".
Was not expecting next ball to be also short.. Ugly fend. Wore it on glove.
Next over. Short. Dispatched behind square.
I knew another was coming.
Couple of balls later, short and at my head. I was looking for it.
Hooked and launched it up and into the Robertson Rd trees.
Apaches pop!
I wave bat at bowler.
Turns and does not look at me.
Made their wicketkeeper who came on to bowl leggies look good for three balls, before sending his fourth delivery booming over the long mid on boundary and finishing the game with a six. Two overs and two balls remaining.

Webko would have loved it. Especially the "classic ALPHA" with the Granny Weatherwax Headology.

Good times. These meds are even helping my cricket!


really must sleep tonight
Strange thoughts. Brave thoughts. Born from lack of sleep, physical fatigue, and being completely mixed up.
Fatalistic, perhaps. Que sera, sera.

Just wait, stay quiet. This is rarely good advice.

Yay an effective day behind the stumps no byes, one simple catch.


I love you
"Baby Boy"
"A touch of class".
"Bossy boots"
"Happy. Happy happy happy."
"Goodnight. Not goodbye."

SOOOOOOO much has happened in the last 5 days. If only i had the time to write it down, before it fades into my crappy memory. (Although a bunch of it *never* will)

The world WILL turn if you're ready or not. 



Apr. 27th, 2019

And now with eight whole days to alternately panic and float about.


And Alki will pay for this... All his fault.
Sore, tired, a bit grumpy.

Wicketkept for 3rds. One catch, one stumping. Wasn't terrible overall. Scratched around with the bat.

Exhausted from staying up way too late. Getting worse.

Need a recharge. *Crickets*

Radio Silence


Had a fail/win day at work. Hot, 39, feels like 41 according to my phone.

Ended the day in a slightly strange mood. Rocked out on the balcony to BCO. Wind gusts and threats of a storm. Sydney weather continues to flirt with me about a decent storm.  Cool night, with the air still rushing in and out of the french windows. Like feeling the city breathe. 

Made me miss a few things, and a few people. Thought of Ms Swindler and shivering together in the sub zero temperatures. 

I appear to be emotionally investing in a cat. Not sure why. 

I really want to go out and do something.

However it's hot as fuck outside, I don't know what to do, and I don't really want to go and deal with people.

Being depressed is fucking annoying.


Smoke Damage

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