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Being on leave from work has been tiring, but it's had a cracking start.

"Surreal." She called it.


This old dog don't need new tricks.

Trip to bottle shop for supplies pre dnd.


Girl behind counter (sight accent): I like your hat. Those are bottle tops, aren't they?
Smokey: Why yes, Miss! It is a fine hat, and you should get yourself one.
G: I could never drink that much beer!
S: you don't have to drink them all at once. I tell you what, in two weeks I'll bring you some bottle caps, just make sure you find yourself a hat by then.
Proceed with commercial exchange.

Two weeks later...

Trip to bottleshop for supplies pre dnd.

Same bottleshop.

Smokey browses shelves. Bottleshop girl, that Smokey is not entirely sure is the same one, edges past shuffling wine bottles, half smiles, maybe, providing no clarity. Is MUCH smaller than Smokey remembers.

Approach unattended counter. Place six packs (2).

One for me, one as GM bribe (we are in a desperate spot).

Bottle Shop Girl sidles to counter. Commences ringing up beer.
Smokey returns from shelf: -and this.
Hands girl bottle of Jameson.
BSG's eyes pop, (slight accent): something something party tonight?
S: No, Miss. Just a regular ol' night of dnd.
BSG, smiles, working: I had two beers and a shot of tequila the other night and nearly fell over.
S: Well, there's two issues at play, size, and you are quite little; and form, are you in good drinking form, Miss?
BSG: Blames tequila.
S, holds up bag of not-enough bottlecaps also containing contact details and offer of further instruction: Did you get your hat yet?
BSG lights up, bounces, claps: omigod! Wow. Nobody's ever. Something something.
S: let me know if you need help with more bottle caps. Good night, Miss.



Cricket presentation night. Couldn't even get 22 players there and we didn't even make it to midnight, and barely killed the bar tab - too old, and too young and soft... Sad times.

Flatmate ubered us home and passed out immediately. Also disgracefully soft.

Where have all the cowboys gone?


ī'm not quite right.

moving on.

(also as expected, a let down from isotripy)
They say that everyone's born a hero, but if you let it, life will push you over the line until you're the villian.

Problem is, you don't always know when you've crossed that line.

-Jessica Jones
this is all i'll ever have.

but you could have so much more...

i'd let someone else have it; this is enough for me.


Got kicked in the heart quite hard. Processing.

Jessica Jones is very good.

Forever Blue, obviously poor choice. Enjoyed half the album, was relieved when headset battery ran out.


Still stings. *shrug*

Am i getting better at it?


saturday morning.

Why yes, i will play one last game of cricket to end this summer.

I am in the local vernacular "a bit dusty".

I might have slept a bit. I think i am a bit drunk.

O. My head!

It's not the beer, it's the people.

Laissez les bontemps roulent!

Just ridiculous

This week has been just too much.

A fun Friday drinkies turned into a delightful drinky.

I am ear to ear despite the ongoing disaster. There is no way to score tonight other than catastrophe, leaving a pock marked, cratered, poisoned, blighted land in the future.

Yet, i laugh. Not healthy.

Wtf else can i do?

Rereading my old lj, shows me, frighteningly, how nothing has changed in nearly 15 years.



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